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At Carrington Blake Accountancy we aim to provide the best solution and advice for your tax needs. We understand financial planning can be difficult and our team’s main aim is to help you plan for you and your families future.

Tax planning is significant for predicting future financial stability and working tax. In emphasis, tax planning allows you to take advantage of any allowances, exclusions, exemptions and deductions.

Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning seeks to minimise the tax payable on the estate of the deceased so that those left behind end up having more benefits from the estate left by the donor.

Tax Planning

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax paid on financial gains on assets (sold, gifted or swapped), that has increased in value. Many individuals do not know that selling certain types of assets are liable to capital gains tax.

Tax Planning

“I wanted to sell my rental property in East London, but I was worried I was going to receive a high capital gains tax rate. So, a colleague at work advised me to get in touch with Carrington Blake Accountancy to gain useful advice.

They were able to accumulate my tax rate, and advise me on the best possible ways to reduce capital gains tax. Everyone at Carrington Blake Accountancy was very professional, helpful and thoughtful. It was also nice that the team were extremely friendly and likeable people. I would definitely recommend Carrington Blake Accountancy for your accountancy advice.”

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