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Despite appearances, freelancers and contractors stand to benefit significantly by employing our professional bookkeeping services. Our freelance customers tell us that they typically carry out a large number of expenses and transactions which need to be recorded. Keeping accurate business records, or bookkeeping is required by UK law. Neglected bookkeeping means that when the time comes to file accounts, mistakes are much more likely.

Outsource to us, avoid paying fines and improve your profitability. Statistics from Companies House show that one in ten of the accounts filed every year is rejected due to mistakes. Mistakes can result in hefty fines, as well as paying too much tax. Using our services can increase your profitability by up to 60 per cent because we are always accurate and on time.


The HMRC website contains more than 100 pages of guidance notes for expenses alone. Most contractors and freelancers do not have the time or the will to learn it all, let alone apply it. This is where our expert services come in. Contact us today to discover just how much time we could free up by taking on your bookkeeping.


The nature of freelancing means that no two freelancers are the same. At Carrington Blake Accountancy, we take the time to fully understand how you work. What this means is that we can tailor an approach to your bookkeeping that is appropriate for what you do and is much less hassle than doing the books yourself.

Using our bookkeeping service is simple, saving you time and money. More free time means you can concentrate on your core business. It also means you avoid fines and eliminate the need to buy bookkeeping software. This translates into more take-home pay than if you do it yourself. Get in touch now for more information.

How It Works

Bookkeeping refers to how you record a business transaction. Whether you use a notebook, a spreadsheet, or full-blown software to record your expenses and income.

The bookkeeping and accounting a freelancer or contractor has to do boil down to three things:

  • Recording invoices and payments
  • Recording expenses
  • Computing and paying your taxes


Having an accurate record of your financial transactions is good for your freelancing business. With good bookkeeping, you can:

  • Monitor the financial health of your business
  • Create and stick to a monthly budget, so that you avoid cash flow problems
  • Identify ways to cut down on costs and keep more of what you earn
  • Prepare your taxes more easily, if you do them yourself
  • Make your accountant’s job easier and possibly reduce the amount you pay for tax preparation
  • Be ready for a tax audit, confident that you have all the documents to back up your tax forms


At Carrington Blake Accountancy we keep it simple when it comes to doing bookkeeping for our contractors and freelancers.
We have a simple 4 step process that our customers follow in order to get accurate accounts

  • Attach all your transactions, receipts and paperwork
  • Send to us by post
  • Relax – as we start the work of processing your bookkeeping
  • Receive your accounts in a matter of days

Contact us Today and Receive a Free Tax Service. Let's talk about how we can help you